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Attracting funding is one of the most challenging tasks for companies active in Life Sciences & Health. Whether you are a young startup looking for seed funding, or an established company looking for growth capital, non-dilutive funding from grants seldomly cover all of your capital requirements. Besides providing your company with the required capital, investors that provide dilutive funding will also contribute valuable business knowledge and experience. It is therefore important to find the right match. However, finding the right investor for your company can be a challenging and time-consuming process, where you often need to redirect precious time and resources away from your core business activities.

Our approach

To secure dilutive funding, you need a solid and convincing business proposition for investors. Our team has extensive experience in preparing and pitching investment propositions for companies in the Life Sciences industry. Our approach is to work closely with you to help get your proposition just right. From initial pitch decks, to business plans, to R&D planning and budgets, we help you along every step of the way. Ultimately, we translate your proposition into a comprehensive data room that will contain all of the documentation investors require during their due diligence. Our aim is to guide you through the entire fundraising process with your best interests in mind. If this is not your first time raising venture capital, we also offer tailor-made services to assist you with specific tasks during the fundraising process.

Make yourself

“attractive for funding
and investors”


Our added value

An investor for your company provides you with the required finances to realize your goals and provides suitable co-financing to maximize on non-dilutive funding programs. However, next to the funding it is crucial to find the right investor that offers you added expertise and experience to help your company succeed. At Catalyze, we know which investors and investment funds focus on specific product areas, disease indications or healthcare applications, and which are the right fit for your short and long term strategic objectives. Catalyze can help you select and attract those investors. Moreover, we prepare all documentation to build a strong business proposition to convince investors, and guide you during the entire process.

Service description

  • Pitch decks
  • Business case assessment
  • Writing business plan
  • Composing complete Private Placement Memorandum (Offering Memorandum)
  • Due diligence preparation and support
  • Legal support
  • Negotiating terms and conditions

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In our approach we combine both non-dilutive and dilutive funding. Let’s start working on your project together now!


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