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Financing an R&D-driven company is challenging. Fields like life sciences involve capital intensive development programs, which requires optimal use of funding opportunities. Finding the right funding to finance your R&D pipeline requires strong experience in a broad range of funding programs, balancing time-investment with a high chance of reward, and mixing the right funding instruments.
Which grant programs have the right fit with your projects, stage of development, topics and criteria? Is it the right time for a loan? When should you start raising investor money and how do you attract them? At Catalyze, we ensure that our clients fulfil their ambitions.
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Our approach

We offer personal funding guidance, tailored to your goals and wishes. The right match between client, project and funding, translates into high success rates. Our Strategic Funding Unit is dedicated to analysing your core activities and identifying the most suitable funding opportunities, offering you short, medium or long term advice. Whether it is a grant application, a loan or venture capital, our in-house knowledge allows us to define a professional personalized funding strategy.

Make yourself

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Our Added value

Our Strategic Funding service includes three different options:

  • Funding Scan: insight in the funding opportunities for 1-2 projects or for repurposing of an existing grant proposal.
  • Funding Advice: the enhanced version, in which several funding opportunities for your company are analysed for the upcoming 6 to 12 months. This information is updated regularly.
  • Funding Plan: a complete, extensive analysis of your company, also in respect to competitors and position on the market, covering your funding approach for several years.

Service description

  • Inventory: an analysis of your pipeline projects eligible for funding
  • Prioritize: market assessment and selection of funding opportunities, based on the USP’s of your R&D activities and innovation capacity, defining the short and long-term funding strategy
  • Implementation: grant applications, progress evaluations,
  • Update: regular updates of your funding strategy based on your current status and switching gears where necessary.
  • Maximize: by constantly screening and timing for the right funding opportunities that meet your strategic objectives, Catalyze can maximize your funding results.







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In our approach we combine both non-dilutive and dilutive funding. Let’s start working on your project together now!