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While it is often forgotten or sometimes even considered irrelevant, Project Management is of crucial value in any grant program. At Catalyze we understand that Project Management requires time and attention and therefore we offer to support you with your tasks. This means you can stay focused on the content of the project, while we take care of the rest.

Our approach

When you decide to outsource the Project Management for your grant project to Catalyze, you will be assigned a personal project manager for the entire duration of this project. He or she will act as the contact for the (international) consortium and the grant provider within the grant project, on your behalf. The project manager assists, in close consultation with the project coordinator, in the general management of the project.


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Our Added value

Catalyze will offer a dedicated Project Manager with years of experience in international grants such as H2020 & Eurostars and national grants (MIT, OM). Many aspects of the project, such as, project coordination, monitoring of timelines, meetings and documentation, will be taken care of. Catalyze will also advise on the legal and administrative obligations of the project and help you define follow-up projects.


Service description

  • • Ensure the output of European funding projects in accordance with laws and regulations of the subsidy provider.
    • Monitor progress of the project
    • Report the progress of the project.
    • Report and submit project results.
    • Assist in writing project documents
    • Advise on legal and administrative obligations
    • Organize and chair (international) project meetings.
    • Assist in dissemination and communication of the project
    • Plan and host periodic consultation with (international) project partners.
    • Report amendments to the project to the subsidy provider.
    • Manage and supervise proper implementation of the budget.
    • Collect relevant project information from participating partners.

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