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It is often difficult for highly innovative companies to obtain regular loans, especially for companies involved in high-risk R&D sectors such as Life Sciences and Biotechnology. This can be largely attributed to the risk profile and usually long time to market. However, specific loan programs supported by banks, government and European Commission could offer the right financing at the right time in order to succeed. These loans are specifically aimed at research-based and innovation driven SMEs or Small Mid-Caps. Our expertise includes for example loans like Innovation Credits by Ministries, but also SME guarantee programs (like InnovFin) from the European Investment Bank (EIB).

Our approach

Acquiring such loans however is not always an easy process. Catalyze has extensive knowledge and experience and can guide you through the entire process. Catalyze can help you understand which loan programs are the best fit for you and assist you in obtaining them. In our approach we carefully look at your stage of development and ensure a loan is the right fit for your current R&D status and time to market. In addition, in our approach with have the experience how to optimally use available financing and VC commitments to co-finance these types of loans, and which criteria to meet that make your company attractive for these programs. Meanwhile you can stay focused on your business.

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Securing loans is a specialized process that requires a specific approach. Working with a network of (regional) banks, our experts have comprehensive knowledge and the necessary qualities to tackle this process. We will draft a business- and development plan, financial projections and additional project proposals to convince the lender to provide these loans to your innovative company and product idea.

Service description

  • Assess the technical and commercial feasibility of your company
  • Advise on the most optimal loan program (e.g. project based financing, research & innovation programs, growth financing and more).
  • Prepare and submit your loan application at the bank, including all documentation like business plans, financial plans, etc.
  • Assist in guarantee schemes that include your current or future investors.
  • Closely work with a wide network of banks and government agencies
  • Direct contacts with loan officers at the banks and government agencies
  • Ensure that your application meets all specific governmental regulations
  • Assist in negotiations on the conditions of such loans, like type of loan (senior debt, convertible loans) interest rates, re-payment schedules, etc.

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In our approach we combine both non-dilutive and dilutive funding. Let’s start working on your project together now!