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When you are ready for the next step in your research and development, you have probably considered applying for a grant or subsidy. The application process however, is often seen as complicated and time-consuming, with high failure rates. But it no longer has to be. Catalyze offers a team of experts with a strong track record in obtaining grants and subsidies, to assist you in getting the funding you need. Catalyze is an expert in obtaining European and local funding, including large programs like Horizon2020, specific SME instruments, as well as US grants through the National Institute of Health (NIH).

Our approach

Research grants and subsidies can be excellent means to finance innovative (academic) research projects or (spin-off) companies. At Catalyze we employ consultants with a background in Life Sciences (PhD, MD) who understand your research and can take the entire application process out of your hands.

Make yourself

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Our Added value

Throughout the application process, we are in the ‘driver seat’, aiming to limit the time you spend on the process to a minimum. Using this approach and our extensive experience, we can ensure the highest chance of getting your proposal awarded. Once the project is awarded, you can remain focused on the science while Catalyze performs project coordination, project management and administration.

Service description

  • Writing the project proposal
  • Finding partners and establishing high quality (public-private) consortia
  • Establishing project budgets
  • Setting up consortium agreements
  • Coordination of all requirements and formalities for grant application submission
  • Negotiation with the grant agencies on budgets and terms of the grant

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In our approach we combine both non-dilutive and dilutive funding. Let’s start working on your project together now!