How to increase research grant opportunities?

Imagine that every researcher or company that wants to change the world through innovative business projects has to focus on their project only and less on securing funding while the research grant opportunities present themselves. Unfortunately, we do not live in such a world yet.

However, at Catalyze we understand that the availability of financial resources has major impact on realizing strategic objects and achieving success for your organization and research projects.


It is therefore important that you fully utilise opportunities. But where do you start?

After all, the grant application process typically is considered a complicated and time-consuming operation with high failure rates. As a researcher, you want to fully focus on your research and not worry about finance for the realisation of your project.


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What can research grant opportunities mean to your ambitions?

We have several strategies making us the leading consultants in increasing your research grant opportunities.

  • We will help you meet your financial needs and find the ideal match between your projects and available funding programs. Our clients do not need to worry how to get a research grant.
  • In our strategy, we attract and combine venture capitals, loans and subsidies, tailored to your plans and ambitions.
  • We design your commercial strategy, help you define feasible and achievable work plans, results and milestones meeting all criteria. Experts with scientific and academic excellence (PhD, MD) advise you on the upcoming funding opportunities.



Assistance in obtaining a research grant

Our experts are very familiar with the characteristics and requirements of a good business case or business plan and build strong commercial prepositions, making you attractive for research grants and and financing by investors and funding programs.

We achieve this through translating your research into a quality commercial product that the investor understands. Moreover, there are several other ways on how to get a research grant. Eager to find out? Call us at +31(0)207234400 or contact us through e-mail.

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How to get a research grant?

If you want to learn how to get a research grant, click here to contact us by phone or email or alternatively, visit us and find out about the research grant opportunities for your project.

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Whether you are an academic research group, a university, a start-up company, or an established company looking for funding or investment, Catalyze invites you to discuss your opportunities with us.

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Team of consultants with scientific and academic excellence (PhD, MD)



Consultants with experience in translating research into commercial products

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Specialized in life sciences, biotechnology and medical technology.



Strong network of reliable and professional partners in the field.