Research and development grants

Ideas start with the urge to treasure a key to obstacles we face around us. Ideas bring about solutions that need to be researched and pondered on to provide the best quality of products.

Fund your ideas through the research and development phase

Whether you are an academic research group, a university, a start-up company, or an established company, you will need grants to fund your ideas through the research and development phase. Unfortunately, applications for research and development grants are considered complicated and time-consuming. Usually, grants for research have a high failure rate. As a result, researchers or institutes might give up their excellent and innovative idea. We believe this to be a waste and want to bring about success.

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We assist you in connecting with the right investors

Catalyze has a dedicated team of experts in the field of life science, pharmacy, and biotechnology. We understand your research and your idea. Through our experts in the field of business, we convert your research in language that is easy to understand for investors.

The entire grant application is taken out of your hands. Our experts have a high success rate when it comes to successfully obtaining research and development grants for your idea.

Grants for research and development

We focus on making your idea engaging and interesting from a commercial point of view. We understand that researchers need to stay focused on science instead of finance. That is why we take over the process of finding grants for research and development. We listen to the stories of our researchers, their aims and expectations and translate them into interesting opportunities for investors. We do this by writing proposals, establishing budgets for the research grants and coordinating all the formalities and requirements of the development grants.

Our clients have been awarded many grants for both research and development projects through our expertise and dedication in the field of science. Catalyze helps you build a stronger business plan that captures attention and leads to success, something we have done for many years, with over 200 million euros of funding as a result. Our skilled team knows what evaluators look for in a grant proposal for your research. We pride ourselves on having one of the most successful funding strategies available. Eager to know how Catalyze can contribute to obtaining grants for research and development?

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