Pairing with international funding agencies

Through our strong and reliable partners worldwide, we can offer multiple opportunities for your specific funding needs. We pair with international groups of researchers and investors to adequately manage the expectation of parties involved.


These opportunities allow for exchange of ideas, development of innovation and more effective understanding of theories.

There are several reasons as to why funding is key to the development of your objective:

  • Acquiring funding establishes a foundation for your research and safeguards the realization of your concept.
  • Funding from international agencies fosters a partnership that can be beneficial overall.
  • Your objective gains legitimacy and this inspires you to create more for the well-being of society.

At Catalyze we utilize different methods to cumulatively increase your chances of earning the funds you need for the realization of your innovative idea in the field of healthcare, biotechnology, pharmacy, or life sciences.

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We are specialized in the fields of science as well as business as we believe the latter should not be a barrier between scientists and investors.

International research funding opportunities done well

We engage in fundraisings through subsidies from private investors, venture capitalists, government secured loans and tax programs. The time-consuming process of requirements and regulations of applications for these international research funding opportunities will be handled by our expert team.

There are many international funding agencies that require different prerequisites and conditions as to the awarding of international research funds. Through our global network of partners and associates, Catalyze stays up-to-date on deadlines, requirements and conditions of funding agencies in both the European Union, United States and Asia. We have worldwide partnerships.

Every international agency has their own style

Years of good relationship and experience with different global agencies have been awarded with an excellent success rate in obtaining funds. Our specialized team continuously analyses agency evaluators and their different criteria and points for which they look in a research proposal. Using this approach, we can progressively improve and enhance our success rate.

Not only does this benefit our relationship with the investor, but also serves to provide a smooth and straightforward procedure for you. Be assured that we carry your ideas forward. Find out how our approach makes your idea attractive.

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Scientific & academic


Team of consultants with scientific and academic excellence (PhD, MD)



Consultants with experience in translating research into commercial products

Life sciences


Specialized in life sciences, biotechnology and medical technology.



Strong network of reliable and professional partners in the field.