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Catalyze’s concept is unique with over 800 stable and trustworthy partners, through which we can provide funding for research projects in the field of biomedical innovations. We have a passion to make the world better through innovative ideas and game changing concepts.


We aim to limit the time you spend on the application process to a minimum: from the writing of the project proposal and finding the best partners and building high quality consortia all the way to negotiations with the funding agencies on budgets and terms of the funding.


Our team of experts will contact you and find the most effective ways on how to get the funding for your research projects. Request to be called back today or call us at +31(0)207234400 if you wish to speak directly to our dedicated expert team.


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Our strategy in funding research projects

Combined with our large-scale experience, our approach is designed to ensure the highest chance of getting your proposal endowed. And to allow you focus on your visionary ambitions and goals, we can also observe project coordination, project management and administration once the project is assigned.

Our commitment to the fields of life sciences, biotechnology and medical technology has shown us different approaches on how to get funding for research projects and we believe we have been successful in attracting many scientists.

For strategic funding advice, information on grants and subsidies you can now download our brochures for free.

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Our experts are very experienced in establishing strong business plans and making you attractive for research funding by investors and funding programs.


How to get funding for research projects?

Funding for research projects can be a striking means to financing contemporary (academic) research projects. Choosing Catalyze to aid you in building a stronger business plan that grasps the attention of financiers and is aimed for success is essential in getting funding for research projects.

We have achieved tremendous success over the past years and wish to continue helping researchers and companies. Find out what Catalyze can do for your personal situation. Call today: +31(0)207234400

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Why choose Catalyze?

Scientific & academic


Team of consultants with scientific and academic excellence (PhD, MD)



Consultants with experience in translating research into commercial products

Life sciences


Specialized in life sciences, biotechnology and medical technology.



Strong network of reliable and professional partners in the field.