Building a business plan

Productive and tailored strategies for building a business plan for healthcare. Catalyze helps you turn innovative scientific ideas into a comprehensive market solution that reaches and convinces investors. Read more…

Building a business plan for healthcare

Catalyze has gained extensive experience in building a comprehensive business plan that covers the important aspects of a successful business. Our consultants are experts that work with genuine interest to turn your business strategy and vision into a solid business plan for healthcare.

How can Catalyze help you?

  • We help you construct sales projections.
  • We help you identify regulatory barriers.
  • We help you set up commercialization strategies.
  • We recommend realistic financial strategies that match the requirements of your future investor or public funding organizations.
  • Depending on your wishes, we can further include an in-depth investigation of competitor strategies.

Allow our team of experts, skilled in both finance, entrepreneurship and healthcare expertise to introduce you to our outstanding methods. Our strategy of constructing a healthcare-oriented business plan in line with the commercial and scientific objectives of your organisation.

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Catalyze evaluates key approaches in building a business plan which is more sophisticated and more efficient in realizing your goals.


building a business plan for healthcare

Our method: a solid business plan for healthcare

Our consultants use precise and strategic tools for building a business plan that is able to meet the critical evaluation standards of investors. A strong business case enhances the successful realization of your project and market entry. You will be able to decide on critical agreements through a more dynamic perspective and qualify for valuable funding from both public funding opportunities, as well as private investors.

Our commitment to our satisfied customers and experience with healthcare technologies has demonstrated that building a business plan for healthcare is a critical step towards securing funding strategies reaching project goals, and establishing successful commercialization plans

A prerequisite to securing funding opportunities is building a business plan that grasps the attention of your audience and presents your case in a clear and concise manner. Our professionals are skilled in writing and presenting your business or project idea in an attractive and efficient manner to investors. Let’s start working together!

Our professional approach

Our added value starts with asking the right questions, researching different markets for your proposal and developing strategic choices for the best business plan. Read more about what we can do for you and discover the professional approach of Catalyze whilst building your business case.

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building a business plan for healthcare

Added value Catalyze

Why choose Catalyze?

Scientific & academic


Team of consultants with scientific and academic excellence (PhD, MD)



Consultants with experience in translating research into commercial products

Life sciences


Specialized in life sciences, biotechnology and medical technology.



Strong network of reliable and professional partners in the field.