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Catalyze is market leader in biomedical innovations because we believe that original ideas need professional consideration. Through our expertise and a dedicated team, we realize the need for innovative ideas in healthcare.


We provide researchers and pioneers with the necessary funding and collaboration needed to turn their ingenious ideas into a reality.

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In the past decade, we have observed an exponential growth in biomedical innovations, ranging from innovation ideas in healthcare to contemporary solutions in the biotech industry. We regard this growth essential for the success of our society. Innovation, especially biomedical innovation, brings about new and exciting opportunities for both investors and researchers. Catalyze makes this collaboration possible in a professional and effective manner through our unique and dedicated team.

We help leading researchers and companies secure funding for biomedical innovations. Get in touch with our dedicated service team.

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We are one of the few companies that specializes in biotechnology, pharmacy, and life science.

Your biomedical innovations to the next level

At Catalyze, we think of ways to bring researchers in contact with investors to produce innovative ideas in healthcare. We believe in partnerships not only between researchers and investors, but also between researchers worldwide to converge the best knowledge to create and innovate.

Our team is highly educated in the fields of science and technology. This allows for a productive and dynamic translation of a biomedical innovation that a researcher understands, into a business model that the investor understands. In many ways, this makes us unique to work with.

We have extensive experience. In fact, Catalyze started as a biotechnological company, but realized that bringing researchers and investors together brings about more innovation in the biomedical sector.


Innovation ideas in healthcare brought to life

We make sure researchers focus on what they are best at to bring their ideas to life. However, this is not feasible without projectmanagement, investors, and collaborators. Investors usually do not understand the technicality, needs or application of an idea that could contribute to a rise in quality of our healthcare. We pride ourselves in bridging this gap and making collaboration achievable to the interest of both parties. We carry ideas forward.

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Team of consultants with scientific and academic excellence (PhD, MD)



Consultants with experience in translating research into commercial products

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Specialized in life sciences, biotechnology and medical technology.



Strong network of reliable and professional partners in the field.