Rick Kwekkeboom – Senior Consultant & Cluster Lead

Rick Kwekkeboom – Senior Consultant & Cluster Lead

Rick Kwekkeboom, PhD, is consultant at Catalyze, with a focus on acquiring (inter)national funding for companies in the life sciences, and providing strategic advice on product and/or service development. Rick specifically focuses on project intake, conceptual project design, finding the right partners for the consortium, budget negotiations, setting up project applications, and supporting contractual requirements upon acquiring funds. During the process from project intake to project start, I pay special attention to the strategic position of your innovation in the market, what are the unique selling points of the innovation, and what are the essential requirements to reach the market and/or clinic to be able to spend your resources as efficiently as possible.

Rick started his career, after obtaining his MSc degree in Biomedical Sciences at the Radboud University Nijmegen with minors in science journalism and communication sciences as journalist by joining the editorial team of the Dutch science documentary Labyrint at the VPRO, translating state-of-the-art scientific research through television and online interactive tools for the general public. He continued his career as a PhD-student at the VU University Medical Center, Amsterdam where he coordinated a project, involving several universities in collaboration with industry, focused on the creation of a new product for drug delivery. At Catalyze, Rick uses his academic background in life sciences, training in science journalism and hands-on experience with collaborative projects of universities and industry to help develop and fund innovative, collaborative and relevant research initiatives.

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